About me

About me

My Passion.
My only language that everyone can understand
My everyday lesson
My believe of changing
My appreciation of the Creator

Ara is amateur photographer, with passion to record and pin every special experience he may face through out his journeys around the globe.

The beginning was 2003 while traveling, he decided simply to capture every moment he observed, and share these unforgettable journeys with his family and friends.

With his first forays in photography world, he learned “ Photography is everyone’s language, it is so challenging to talk this language, and communicate with deferent cultures through merely lenses“.

By the blend of Love, Passion and Enthusiasm, he opened the gate through his lenses and learned the next lesson “ A simple photo can change the world”

With Ara’s deferent culture and knowledge backgrounds, in between Iraq where he born and graduated from University of Technology as an Architect, and his Armenian origin, he reinforced his philosophy of capturing photos by blending abstraction, less to say and directing his photos language towards intellectual perception level.